Welcome to Timberclick

Timbersites a fully interactive Timber Merchant Directory

Timberclick is proud to be listed on Timbersites, a fully interactive Timber Merchants Directory that allows you to find your local Timber Merchant Supplier and their local depots. 

It lists the details of national Timber merchants with full and free access to their online stores or websites. Together with an interactive map, news features and a new productr listing highlihgting any special offers or sell off's the directory is the place to go for timber bargains.

Timberclick has its regional and store servicing agents listed in the directory and provides access for you to be able to access our stores agents directly, this wil give you the opportunity to find out more about our agents, where they come from, what specialities they excel in and how to find them should you wish to visit their extensive timber yards.

Any store news and related blogs will also be featured through the Timbersites Timber Merchant Directory