Railway Sleeper Fixings – TimberLok Screws from TimberClick

Railway Sleeper Fixings – TimberLok Screws


Railway Sleeper Fixings and Timberlok Screws

The main way of attaching railway sleepers used to be using coach bolts, which involved pre-drilling the holes and using a socket set to tighten them into place. However, TimberLok screws are becoming very popular with landscapers and anyone who requires fixings to join softwood or hardwood oak railway sleepers. They are first class fixings that have an aggressive thread which can penetrate even the thickest wood without having to pre-drill any holes. TimberLok fasteners are idea for penetrating thick railway sleeper timbers as they are made from carbon steel using a standard cold forming process, then heat treated for strength. The shorter versions are also great for framing decking, attaching railing posts and any situation where a strong fixing is required into timber.

TimberLok screws have a unique tapered head which enables the screw to easily countersink flush into the wood. Using the TimberLok screw system can save time and effort as they can be installed much quicker and easier than using the coach bolts and they can be removed again if you required.

TimberLok screw lengths

TimberLok screws come in a variety of lengths to match every situation and these include 63mm (2.5 inch), 102mm (4 inch), 114mm (4.5 inch), 152mm (6 inch), 203mm (8 inch) and 254mm (10 inch) versions. The chamfering on the underside of their drive heads effectively eliminates snapping during installation. It’s important to note that you will need to use a high powered drill to penetrate through the sleepers, preferably a mains drill. Only the first 63mm of longer TimberLok screws are threaded so when choosing the length of screw for your project, only 63mm needs to be added onto the depth of the thickest timber join. For example, to join two thicknesses of 125mm (5 inch) sleepers, 203mm screws will be required for the thread to properly attach them.

They are guaranteed not to rust in pressure treated timber for the life of your project. They have an anti-friction topcoat which allows them to penetrate even the hardest of woods. However, it is important to note that the lifetime guarantee does not apply if you use them in saltwater settings.

For any more information on TimberLok screws and their suitability for the task you have at hand, please don’t hesitate to contact TimberClick. If you have any doubts over your ability to complete your landscaping project, TimberClick are also able to recommend good quality tradesmen to carry out any work that you might be unable to do yourself. Please just ask and we will put you in touch with them.