Timber Decking, Fencing and Railway Sleeper Project Guides

Decking, Fencing and Railway Sleeper Project Guides

Our project guides aim to give you an idea of the materials, tools and steps required to add decking, fencing and railway sleeper features to your garden or landscaping project.


  •  What is Timber Decking?
If you are looking for a way to add value to your home and create a stylish outside space for you and your family and friends to enjoy, then timber decking is a great way to do this.


  •  How to Build a Deck - Decking Basics
Design and construction is relatively easy - all you need to do is construct a frame from joists and add deckboards to create a flat patio. Additional posts, handrails and spindles create the complete deck look.

  •  Decking Materials List / Deck Materials List
You’ll need many different materials for decking construction so here is a handy list that you can take with you when ordering yourmaterials.

  •  How to Anchor Wooden Decking to a Wall Securely
Wooden decking structures can be attached to your house or an existing building using a ledger board. This guide shows you how to install and anchor your deck.

  •  How to use a nail gun to build decking
Using a pneumatic nail gun to construct decking makes the entire construction process much quicker and easier and avoids lots of hammering and pre-drilling.

  •  Setting and Installing Wooden Fence Posts for Garden Fencing
Whether you’re installing trellis panels, post and rail systems or lap fence panels, all require sturdy fence posts for a long life.


  •  How to Build a Post and Rail Fence
Post and rail fencing is ideal for using as a boundary fence as it looks attractive, can be tailored to suit your gardens needs and is relatively easy to build.

  •  Fence post removal – How to remove a broken fence post
The procedure to remove a fence post can vary depending on what kind of posts you are dealing with and how they are secured into the ground.

  •  Timber Railway Sleepers – New, Used, Hardwood and Softwood
Railway sleepers have become popular with landscapers and builders because they are hardwearing, long lasting and provide your garden with lots of character.

  •  Railway Sleeper Fixings and TimberLok Screws
TimberLok are first class screws that have an aggressive thread which can penetrate even the thickest railway sleeper without having to pre-drill any holes.

  •  Building a sand pit using Railway Sleepers
Building a sandpit using railway sleepers is probably one of the easiest tasks to undertake in your garden and will provide your children with hours of fun. 


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