Decking FAQs

What are Noggins and how many do I need?

Noggins are small sections of timber (generally joist off cuts) that are inserted between the joists to give added structural stability.  Generally positioned every 1.2m between joists and staggered.  

What distance should I leave between Decking Boards?

TimberClick suggests a 3 mm - 5 mm gap.  

Will my deck become slippery when wet?

No, what makes a deck area slippery is the build-up of algae and moss.  It is recommended that in order to avoid this, you just clean your deck off regularly and give it a really good blast with a pressure washer once or twice a year. 

How far apart should Decking Spindles be?

Approximately 90 mm, you should not be able to pass a tennis ball through.  TimberClick offers a range of quality Decking Spindles. 

How far apart should Decking Newels be placed?

No more than 1.8 m to ensure that the handrail remains rigid.  TimberClick offers a range of quality Decking Newels.  

Decking Faqs

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