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Shed Building Materials

Buy Materials To Build Your Shed, Timber Framing and Stud, Shiplap Cladding, Plywood Boards and Roofing Felt. Great Prices, Fast Delivery Throughout Teesside, Middlesbrough and Cleveland.

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  1. Bonding Felt

    Bonding Felt


    Description: Bonding felt, 20m2. Learn More
  2. Green Mineral Felt

    Green Mineral Felt


    Description: Green mineral shed felt, 10m2. Learn More
  3. OSB Boards

    OSB Boards

    Starting at: £13.66

    Description: Manufactured from wood strands and arranged into 3 layers with core layers being cross orientated to the outer layers allowing superior strength and durability. Learn More
  4. Elliotis Pine Shuttering Plywood

    Pine Shuttering Plywood

    Starting at: £19.80

    Description: Suitable for general building work where appearance is not of prime importance. Learn More
  5. Shiplap Cladding

    Shiplap Cladding 16mm x 125mm


    Description: Good quality Scandanavian Redwood Shiplap Cladding. Learn More
  6. Torch On Mineral Felt

    Torch On Mineral Felt


    Description: Easi torch on grey mineral felt. Each roll is 7.5m x 1m.

    Learn More
  7. Torch On Underlay Felt

    Torch On Underlay Felt


    Description: Torch on underlay felt. Each roll is 15m x 1m.

    Learn More
  8. Treated Sawn Carcassing 47mm x 100mm

    Treated Sawn Carcassing 47mm x 100mm

    Starting at: £5.76

    Description: Our Sawn and Treated Regularised Carcassing is either imported from Southern Sweden or Homegrown and is suitable for most building applications. Learn More
  9. CLS

    Untreated CLS

    Starting at: £2.50

    Description: Planed and regularised and Kiln dried to C16 grade. Suitable for framing and studding. Learn More
  10. Vent 3 Breathable Membrane Felt

    Vent 3 Breathable Membrane Felt


    Description: Vent 3 breathable membrane. Learn More

10 Item(s)

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