Fencing FAQs

Will TimberClick fence panels fit between slotted concrete posts?

Yes they will.  All of our panels (Lap, Closeboard and Decorative) will fit into the concrete slots. 

Should I use Lap panels or Closeboard panels?

In answer to this, you need to consider the following:

a)  Cost - Closeboard panels are more expensive

b)  Quality - Closeboard panels are manufactured from far more robust material and will provide you with a stronger more resilient panel.  Please remember however that all of TimberClick's panels are fully frames and treated for longevity

c)  Appearance - the slats in a Lap Panel are fixed horizontally, whilst in a Closeboard panel they are fixed vertically

Do I need to stain/treat the fence panels?

TimberClick would recommend that it is good practice to re-treat with a brush coat stain every 2 to 3 years. 

Should I use a gravel board with a pre made panel?

Your panel should not be in contact with soil or vegetation; a gravel board should be fitted which will prevent the damp rising and rotting the base of the panel.  If the gravel board rots, it can easily be replaced.  If the panel is erected above masonry or concrete, we suggest that the panel is raised 5 mm above the ground. 

How deep do I sink the fence post?

TimberClick recommends that you sink the post 2' or 600 mm into the ground. 

How do I secure the post into or onto the ground?

If you are fixing/sinking the post into soft ground, you have 2 options:

a)  Use post mix, of which we recommend you use 1 no 25 Kg bag per post

b)  Use a fence post spike which can be driven into the soil and the post fitted into for support

If you are fixing the post onto concrete or masonry, we recommend that you opt for a fence post bolt down support, which can be fixed to the floor and the post fitted into for support.

Please remember that if using any of the supports, either spike or bolt down, you need to buy the appropriate size for the post you are using, i.e. 75 mm or 100 mm.  

How many Arris rails do I need to erect my fence?

TimberClick recommends that you will require 2 rails for a fence that is up to 1.1 m high, a bottom rail that is 200 mm or 8" from the bottom and a top rail that is 200 mm or 8" from the top.  If your fence is higher than 1.1 m you will need intermediate rails every 700 mm.  

How far apart should I set my posts when erecting my fence?

Most fencing bays are 6' or 1.8 m so you would set your posts to that distance.  However, you may wish to construct a wider bay and we would recommend that if you do, it does not exceed 10' or 3 m.  

What do I need to build my own fence?

TimberClick can supply all that you need to build your own fence:

  • Fence posts
  • Post mix
  • Gravel boards
  • Post spike supports
  • Arris rails
  • Post bolt down supports
  • Feather edge boards
  • Capping rail


How do I fix the Arris rails to the posts?

TimberClick stocks Arris rail brackets which enable you to achieve this.  

Fencing FAQs

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